The Jesus' Wife Fragment 2020: The Sabar Report (Veritas)

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(Walter Fritz left (courtesy The Atlantic), Ariel Sabar right)

previous annual chronicle (2016-17)
Ariel Sabar's GJW page and in-depth guide to the evidence of forgery

Mar 17-23: Mark Goodacre posts a 4-part podcast retrospective NT Pods 87-90

Aug 11: Publication of Ariel Sabar's Veritas (at Amazon)
(subtitled "A Harvard Professor, a Con Man[,] and the Gospel of Jesus's Wife")

Aug 3/4: Wall Street Journal book review ‘Veritas’ Review: Crimson Faces (Alex Beam)

Aug 06: Boston Globe book review Too Good to be true? (M. J. Andersen)

Aug 06: Time book review What Happened When a Harvard Scholar ... (short)

Aug 07: Katherine A. Powers, Minneapolis Star-Tribune review of Veritas

Aug 10: Candida Moss posts How a Star Harvard Professor Got Suckered by 'Jesus' Wife'

Aug 10: Brent Nongbri posts Ariel Sabar’s Veritas: Some First Reactions

Aug 10: Mark Goodacre posts NT Pod 94: Review of Ariel Sabar's Veritas

Aug 11: NY Times book review The Harvard Professor Who Told the World That Jesus Had a Wife

Aug 11: James McGrath posts Interview with Ariel Sabar about his new book, Veritas

Aug 11: Mark Goodacre posts Ariel Sabar's Veritas, and the latest on the Gospel of Jesus's Wife

Aug 11: Amy Weiss-Meyer, What Ever Happened to the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife?, in the Atlantic
("A conversation with Ariel Sabar", whose original article on Walter Fritz had appeared there)

Aug 13: Poisoned Pen Bookstore video Ariel Sabar discusses Veritas (1hr)

Aug 14: Roberta Mazza posts The dark side of truth. Some thoughts on Ariel Sabar's new book.

Aug 14: Chevaliers Books live event Ariel Sabar discusses VERITAS (YouTube, 52 min)

Aug 14: Crowdcast video A Virtual Evening with Ariel Sabar and Dr. Erin Thompson (1 hr)
............. (difficult to access and re-access)

Aug 15: NY Post article How a mystery note proving Jesus was ‘wed’ led to Harvard prof’s disgrace

Aug 17: Loren Rosson posts Veritas: The Truth of the Jesus-Wife Hoax and a Divinity School in Crisis

Aug 19: NPR review 'Veritas' Asks How A Respected Scholar Could Be Duped By A Bumbling Fraudster
"Thanks to NPR national religion correspondent Tom Gjelten for this smart review of VERITAS." (Sabar)

Aug 23: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette review The Gospel According to a Con Man (Rebecca I. Denova)

Aug 23: BNP Podcast Interview with Ariel Sabar – Telling the Truth About Jesus’ Wife (53 mins)

Aug 25: Mark Goodacre posts NT Pod 95: Interview with Ariel Sabar, Author of Veritas

Aug 29: Tony Burke posts Some Reflections on Ariel Sabar’s Veritas (revised Sep 01)

Sep 02: Crowdcast video Ariel Sabar with Mark Goodacre, Veritas (1 hr, Porter Square Books)

Sep 09: Aeon Byte podcast A Harvard Professor, a Con Man and the [GJW] (Miguel Conner)

Sep 13: CNN.COM article How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar ... (Daniel Burke)

Sep 15: Jewish Review of Books The Professor and the Con Man (Matti Friedman)

Jan 26, 2021: Religion & Politics Debunking the Gospel of Jesus' Wife: An Interview with Ariel Sabar (Eric C. Miller)

*Jun 29, 2021: Review of the Chronicle of Higher Education A Scholarly Screw-up of Biblical Proportions

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