The Jesus' Wife Fragment 2014

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Apr 10: HTR (107:2)... Boston Globe... Harvard Magazine... NY Times
Apr 10: Christian Askeland posts Jesus' Wife Resurrected from Dead
Apr 10: Christopher Rollston posts Wife of Jesus Coptic Papyrus: Brief Methodological Musings
Apr 11: Francis Watson posts an initial response
Apr 11: Larry Hurtado posts "Jesus' Wife Fragment": Further Observations
Apr 15: Liv Ingeborg Lied posts GJW and the status of online academic discussion
Apr 16: Karen King video interview with WGBH Boston
Apr 16: Leo Depuydt releases a snarky response to King on the issue of line 6 of the fragment
Apr 22: LiveScience investigative report on fragment source
Apr 23: The Smithsonian Channel announces that it will air its documentary on May 5th

The tide turns: The Gospel of John Fragment

(images from Mark Goodacre's blog; recto, verso, apparently taken from different angles)

Apr 24: His attention drawn to it by Malcolm Choat and Gregg Schwendner, Christian
Askeland challenges the authenticity of the John fragment presented with the JW fragment,
but previously unanalyzed by Coptic scholars. Alin Suciu quickly follows with a graphic
of the verso of the John fragment to Thompson's edition of the Qau codex.

Apr 25: Mark Goodacre compares the Qau codex with the recto of the John fragment
Apr 25: Anthony Le Donne posts an interview with Carrie Schroeder
Apr 26: Alin Suciu posts The Gospel of Jesus' Wife Papyrus. Final Considerations
Apr 27: Christian Askeland posts The Forgery of the Lycopolitan gospel of John
Apr 28: April DeConick posts What are the facts about the Gospel of Jesus' Wife?
Apr 28: Mark Goodacre hosts Andrew Bernhard's guest blog entry on limits of testing
Apr 28: The Weekly Standard posts The Deepening Mystery of the 'Jesus' Wife Papyrus'
... Charlotte Allen's earlier piece The Wife of Jesus Tale is dated later (May 5th)
Apr 29: CNN Belief Blog hosts recap and opinion by Joel Baden and Candida Moss
... (Peppard May 6th appearance on CNN is attached that day to Baden/Moss piece)
Apr 29: Mark Goodacre posts Jesus' Wife Fragment Round-up
May 1: Wall Street Journal hosts opinion piece by Askeland colleague Jerry Pattengale
May 2: Live Science update by Owen Jarus (but not including new finding below)

A Hole Sinks the John Fragment

(image from Mark Goodacre's blog)

May 1: Alin Suciu hosts Joost Hagen and team's analysis of the John fragment
May 1: Mark Goodacre takes note in More Evidence of forgery ...

May 4: New York Times publishes Laurie Goodstein article Fresh Doubts ...
May 4: PBS Interview with Michael Peppard (early critic of Watson case)
May 5: Washington Post article How Harvard scholars may have been duped...
May 5: Smithsonian Channel airs embarrassingly outdated documentary
May 6: Larry Hurtado reflects on Scholarship, Publicity, and The Issues
May 6: Michael Peppard's informative CNN report (including remarks on the hole)
... (attached same day to Baden/Moss CNN Blog piece of April 29)
May 6?: "Doubts ... Rekindled" in Harvard Crimson (short, no comment from King)
May 7: Peter Head posts Pseudo-Gospel of Jesus Wife as Case Study

(At this point, most coptologists took the debate to be over. It wasn't. It took two more years,
surviving even the proof in 2015 that the owner's translation was plagiarized from my 2002
interlinear version of the Gospel of Thomas, before the coup de gras delivered by Ariel Sabar
in June, 2016 - in the form of a vetting of the owner that Harvard had never done - forced King
to conclude that GJW was probably a modern forgery.)

Jul 1: Christian Askeland article A Fake Coptic John and Its Implications
for the 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife'
published in Tyndale Bulletin 65.1 (May 2014)

Nov 10: Jacobovici-Wilson book The Lost Gospel sparks further mention of JW fragment
*Nov 11: Noah Feldman, "Jesus May Have Had a Wife, on Paper at Least" in Bloomberg Opinion
Nov 17: Baden-Moss retrospective "The Curious Case of Jesus's Wife" in The Atlantic

"Even though King herself has refused to declare the case closed, for all practical purposes,
judgment has been passed on the Gospel of Jesusís Wife: itís a fake."

Mark Goodacre's blog posts
Christian Askeland's blog posts
Alin Suciu's blog posts
Stephen Goranson's
chronology (on Mark Goodacre's blog, April 28)
Gregg Schwendner's posts to (including comparative letter-form chart)

My contributions:
Some Informal Remarks on Depuydt's Case (GThomas, April 14)
Two Fragments - A Retraction (GThomas, April 28)
Two Fragments - Depuydt & Bagnall (GThomas, May 1st)
Two Fragments - Reflections on a Hole (GThomas, May 2nd)
A Structural Comparison of Qau to the Hypothetical Manuscript (Revised May 4)

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