Abbreviations used in the Interlinear:
Note: The best option would be to have no abbreviations at all. Barring that
possibility for the time being, the goal is to keep the number of abbreviations
to a minimum, and to try to make each one as natural as possible for the reader.
Viewer suggestions are invited on this subject.
(MWG, Jan '98, rev Jan '14)

BMO     = 'by-means-of' (for Coptic '2ITN/M' - 2 occurrences)
CTbe    = 'come-to-be' (for Coptic 'Wwpe')
           i.e., 'become' (so-and-so) or 'come-into-being' (no direct object)
hew     = 'he-who' (or 'that-which') (for Coptic 'peT')
HWI     = 'he-who-is' (or 'that which is')  (for Coptic 'peT')
n/nor   = 'neither' or 'nor' (same Coptic word used for both)
ThI/ThR = 'there-is'/'there-are' (for Coptic 'OYN')
ThW     = 'those-who' (for Coptic 'NeT')
TWA     = 'those-who-are' (for Coptic 'NeT')
Usg     = 'you' (sg)
Upl     = 'you' (pl) 
Urpl    = 'your' (pl)
Ursg    = 'your' (sg)
W       = 'which' (for Coptic 'eT' - 4 occurrences)
WI      = 'which-is'  or 'who-is' (for Coptic 'eT')
WW      = 'which-was' or 'who-was' (for Coptic 'eT')
some shortenings: 'becuz' for 'because'
                  'hwvr'  for 'however' (Coptic 'De')
                  'viz'   for 'namely' (as in English)