The Gospel of Thomas
An Interlinear Translation of P.Oxy. 654, 1, 655

The following draft English translation, critical Greek text, and Greek-English interlinear translation are based on the complete digital reconstructions of P.Oxy. 654, 1, 655 that were created by Andrew Bernhard for his own personal study.


Prologue and Saying 1 (P.Oxy 654.1-5)

These are the [hidden] sayings [that] the living Jesus [sp]oke a[nd Judas who] is also Thomas [recorded.] And he said, "[Whoever finds the interpretat]ion of the[se] sayings will not taste [death]."


Saying 2 (P.Oxy. 654.5-9)

[Jesus said,] "Let the one seek[ing] not stop [seeking until] he finds. And when he find[s he will marvel, and mar]veling he will reign, an[d reigning] he will [rest.]”


Saying 3 (P.Oxy. 654.9-21)

J[esus] said, "[If] those pulling you [say to you, 'Look,] the kingdom is in the sk[y,]' the birds of the sk[y will go before you. Or if they say t]hat it [is] beneath the ground, the fish of the se[a will go in, preced]ing you. And the king[dom of God] [i]s within you [and outside you. Whoever] knows [himself will] find this [and when you] know yourselves [you will know that] you are [children] of the l[iving] father. [But if] you will [not] know yourselves, [you are] in [poverty] and you are the pov[erty.]"


Saying 4 (P.Oxy. 654.21-27)

[Jesus said,] "A per[son old in day]s will not hesitate to ask a ch[ild seven day]s old about his place in [life and] he will [live.] For many of the f[irst] will be [last and] many of the last will be first and they [will become one]."


Saying 5 (P.Oxy. 654.27-31)

Jesus said, "K[now what is in fr]ont of your face and [what has been hidden] from you [will be] revealed [to you. For there] is [nothing] hidden that [will] not [be made] cl[ear] and n[othing] buried that [will] n[ot be raised]."


Saying 6 (P.Oxy. 654.32-40)

[His disciples qu]estioned him [and s]aid, "How [should we] fast [and how] should we [pray,] and how [should we do charitable deeds a]nd what [food law should we] observe?"
Jesus said, "[Do not lie and that which] you [hate], do not do [because everything is evident before t]he tru[t]h. [For there is nothing hi]dd[en that will not be made clear.]"



Saying 7? (P.Oxy. 654.40-42)

[bl]esse[d] is [ . . . ]


Saying 24? (P.Oxy. 655d.1-5)

[it] is [ . . . l]ight [ . . . w]orld [ . . . i]t is [ . . . ]


Saying 26 (P.Oxy. 1.1-4)

". . . and then you will see clearly to cast out the speck that is in your brother’s eye."


Saying 27 (P.Oxy. 1.4-11)

Jesus said, "If you do not fast from the world, you will not find the kingdom of God. And if you do not keep the sabbath a sabbath, you will not see the father."


Saying 28 (P.Oxy. 1.11-21)

Jesus said, "I s[t]ood in the midst of the world and in the flesh I appeared to them. I found everyone drunk and none thirsty among them. My soul worries about the children of humanity because they are blind in thei[r] hearts and [they] do [not] see."


Saying 29 (P.Oxy. 1.22)

"[. . .he dwells in th]i[s] poverty."


Saying 30+77b (P.Oxy. 1.23-30)

[Jesus sa]id, ["Wh]ere there are [th]r[ee] t[hey ar]e [without] God. And [w]here there is only o[ne], I say, I am with hi[m]. Li[f]t the stone and there you will find me. Split the wood and I am there."


Saying 31 (P.Oxy. 1.30-35)

Jesus said, "A prophet is not acceptable in h[i]s homeland. Nor does a physican perform healings for those who know him."


Saying 32 (P.Oxy. 1.36-41)

Jesus said, "A city that has been built and established on the summit of a high [m]ountain can neither fa[l]l nor be hi[d]den."


Saying 33 (P.Oxy. 1.41-42)

Jesus said, “What you hear [i]n your one ear . . ."


Saying 36 (P.Oxy. 655i.1-17)

[Jesus said, "Do not worry f]rom early u[ntil late no]r from ev[ening until m]orning. Worry neither [for y]our [food,] what [you] will eat, [nor] for [your] c[lothes,] what you will wear. [You are] [mu]ch gr[ea]ter than the [lil]lies wh[ich n]either ca[r]d nor s[pi]n. When you have n[o c]lo[thing], what do [you wear]? Who can add to your time of life? H[e it is who w]ill give you your clothing."


Saying 37 (P.Oxy. 655i.17-23)

His disciples said to him, "When will you be visible to us? And when will we see you?"
He said, "When you undress and are not ashamed."


Saying 39 (P.Oxy. 655ii.11-23)

[Jesus said, "The Pharisees and the scribes] to[ok the keys] of [knowledge. They] hi[d them. They did not] go in, [nor did] they [allow those] trying to go [in to do so. You,] however, b[e wi]se a[s snakes and i]nnocen[t as do]v[es.]"