"I guess I can put two and two together." (woman to Nick Charles)
"Sometimes the answer's four and sometimes it's twenty-two." (Nick)
(Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man, 1934)

The Gospel of Thomas Resource Center

Formerly called "The Codex II Student Resource Center" (C2SRC), this is
a resource center for independent research related to the Gospel of Thomas.
Featuring the Web's first complete Coptic/English translation and Concordance.

The Hidden World in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas (190815)
.....(The Solution to the Organization Problem)
"I'm not sure what to say except "wow!" and to applaud both your attention to detail
from the minutest level to that of big picture and overall structure, and your creative
and insightful suggestion for how to interpret those details as a whole!"
(James McGrath)

Thomas-Related Writings of myself and other GTS members at Academia (Aug, 2019)

Gospel of Thomas Studies on Facebook (Nov 2015)

An Interlinear Translation of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas
... (with links to sites about the Greek P.Oxy. fragments)
... go directly to split-screen page (best view)

A Concordance for the Coptic Gospel of Thomas (May 2013) ... doublets (Jan, 2017)

The Greek-Coptic Differences and How DeConick Handles Them (new March 2015)
... DeConick's Thomas Color-Coded (Tim Staker) Linear Format Columnar Format

Earliest Testimonia to GTh (Hippolytus on the Naassenes) (new May 2016)

Other English Translations of NH Codex II Texts
... (see Op-Ed piece below about Meyer-Patterson translations)

Selected Gospel of Thomas Books in English, 1983-2012
Selected Resources for the Study of Nag Hammadi Codex II

The Nag Hammadi Library (new page Jan 2014)

Copto-Greek Number System, Fonts & Transliterations
Brief Notes on the Greek Number System and Early Christianity (Jan '16)

Coptic Unicode Fonts and Keyboards

The Nag Hammadi Codices (courtesy Andre Gagne)
The bindings of Codex II (back cover, front cover, binding flap)
Pages 32-33 of Codex II (Coptic Museum, Cairo) (new image Jan '17)
Facsimiles of pages 32-51 (The Gospel of Thomas)
The tau-rho, or staurogram, in the "cross saying" (#55)
Op-Ed Pieces
Good Man or Usurer? Battle Over a Lacuna (Nov '13)
How Many Books Were in the Jar? (rewritten Nov '13)
No Man's Land: The Meyer-Patterson Family of Translations (Jun '08, rev Jan '15)
The Strange Case of the Nancy Johnson Translation (Dec '06)
The Jesus' Wife Chronicles (new page March 2017)

Links to Other Sites, Blogs, and Online discussion groups

The Gospel of Thomas in Online Videos and Podcasts (Oct 2013)

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