"I guess I can put two and two together." (woman to Nick Charles)
"Sometimes the answer's four and sometimes it's twenty-two." (Nick)
(Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man, 1934)

The Gospel of Thomas Resource Center

Formerly called "The Codex II Student Resource Center" (C2SRC), this is
a resource center for independent research related to the Gospel of Thomas.
Featuring the Web's first complete Coptic/English translation and Concordance.

An Interlinear Translation of the Coptic Gospel of Thomas
... (with links to sites about the Greek P.Oxy. fragments)
... go directly to split-screen page (best view)

A Concordance for the Coptic Gospel of Thomas (May 2013)

The Greek-Coptic Differences and How DeConick Handles Them (new March 2015)
... DeConick's Thomas Color-Coded (Tim Staker) Linear Format Columnar Format

Other English Translations of NH Codex II Texts
... (see Op-Ed piece below about Meyer-Patterson translations)

Selected Gospel of Thomas Books in English, 1983-2012

Selected Resources for the Study of Nag Hammadi Codex II

The Nag Hammadi Library (new page Jan 2014)

Copto-Greek Number System, Fonts & Transliterations

Coptic Unicode Fonts and Keyboards

The bindings of Codex II (back cover, front cover, binding flap)
Facsimiles of pages 32-51 (The Gospel of Thomas)
The tau-rho, or staurogram, in the "cross saying" (#55)
Op-Ed Pieces
Good Man or Usurer? Battle Over a Lacuna (Nov '13)
How Many Books Were in the Jar? (rewritten Nov '13)
No Man's Land: The Meyer-Patterson Family of Translations (Jun '08, rev Jan '15)
The Strange Case of the Nancy Johnson Translation (Dec '06)
A Question of Content: How I Saw the Internet Furor Over the Jesus' Wife Fragment
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2014
Jesus' Wife Fragment 2015
Jesus' Wife Fragment: My Historical Documents

(new Sep '15) Links to Other Sites, Blogs, and Online discussion groups

The Gospel of Thomas in Online Videos and Podcasts (Oct 2013)

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